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"Where Dogs "R" Family Too"

Dear Friend,

Did you know that Americans are having dogs instead of babies?

I supplement my retirement income getting paid to play with dogs. ROVER makes it easy!!!  I'm my own boss, set my own schedule, and earn income doing something I love—playing with dogs! (If I can succeed while enjoying myself, I feel that just about any dog lover that could spare some time could also!!)



   Evelyn   Evelyn (wife)

Quiet Angels

Written by my wife Evelyn Available at  Amazon

And here's why:

But first I want to say that in the interest of full disclosure, I have watched hundreds of dogs for Rover, friends, neighbors and relatives for years.  Having been surrounded by dogs and owners on a daily basis, I have learned to know their behaviors and needs pretty well.  As such, I get asked many questions and have shared many suggestions.  

II purchase the vast majority of my pet related products online for convenience as well as the large selection.  I place banners, pics, and links of items that I or a fellow dog lover uses, and recommends to help supplement my income while keeping boarding fees low.  

Just so you'll know, I receive a referral fee for sales initiated on this page. I already recommend these products anyway.  So I may as well make a few bucks doing it while trying to help others with similar needs.

If you should find something that you like, feel free to buy it.  Every merchant is screened for reputability insuring that your purchase will be safe & secure.  Everyone is recommended for prompt delivery, quality products and customer service.   

Your input is requested!!! - patronage, recommendations, referrals, comments, products, services, suggestions & are appreciated!!!

Send to: RicksPlace4Pooch@outlook.com

Now that I've cleared the air, let's move on

The Day That Changed My Life...

On Easter Sunday, 1994 I tore my vertebral artery cutting off the blood to my brain causing me to have a VERY severe brain injury that left my entire right side permanently impaired. On a scale of 1-10 I was told that, “I was an eleven, nearly died, was lucky to be alive, would never be the same and that our dog Capone probably saved my life!”

Upon losing my ability to walk and to fluently communicate, I became reclusive. My so called friends avoided me like the plague. (It seemed that no-one I knew wanted to be associated with me since my injury) It wasn't pretty! I missed being around others, took it very hard and sank into deep denial and depression. I began taking antidepressants and drinking heavily. I would sit in a stupor wallowing in pride and self pity for hours. (The Rest of the Story)

Lesson Learned

July 27, 2016 - With help from the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation and SPARC I got a job as a p/t Greeter at Walmart to earn income while making new friends and rekindle friendships that I never could by sitting at home. 

February 2, 2017 Due to age, pain from sitting / standing for extended periods, and medications I resigned from Walmart to avoid termination.  I did my best to hang on one day at a time but it wasn't working out. (I still can't believe that I lasted that long.)  The more I worked, the worse I hurt. (It's difficult to continually appear cheerful when you hurt or are spaced out on pain medication.)  I was devastated!  I felt that if I couldn't even succeed as a Greeter at Walmart, what was I good for???

I was told that I should try dog sitting at home since I love dogs and couldn't have another one of my own.  I was doing it for family, friends and neighbors anyway.  With the help of my wife, I placed ads in local classifieds only to get less than desirable results. I only received a limited number of requests.  Of the few that I did receive I actually felt threatened and watched dogs only to be stiffed.  I only had one favorable outcome!  I decided that it wasn't worth the risk!

I was giving up when I found Rover's work from home program

After filling out the application, passing the background check and meeting the requirements, I got my first booking within the hour of notification of acceptance from a lady in Chicago that was planning a trip to Springfield.  I remember it well because I thought that it would take weeks, months or never like everything else that I tried.  (My only qualifications are love for dogs, common sense, a cell phone and time.)

I knew virtually nothing about Rover and was totally unprepared.  My cell phone was low on battery and was charging in an outlet close to the floor.  I laid down on the floor to talk while trying to text.  It was a very nice lady from Chicago 4 - 5 hours away from here.  She was coming here for the weekend and needed a dog sitter.

At the time I was petrified!!!   That was a long time ago.  I have supplemented my retirement income watching dogs through Rover without risking any of my own money ever since. It has graduated into the easiest and only successful money making venture that I've ever attempted.   

Rover offers an app to download on cell phones; then dog owners can simply click on the app to search the desired zip code or city to find sitters in the area.  Then Rover refers them to you. (It's that easy!!!)

BY the end of 2017, I watched dogs from Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, Washington D.C., W. Virginia and most notably S. Korea along with a countless number from nearby communities here in Illinois all booked through Rover.  (I only began doing this for Rover five months earlier in mid July.)

Not bad for a man that was told by his doctor, "Odds are that you will NEVER get better!!!"

Now I'm back to biding my time around the house while feeding the birds and squirrels, pulling a pet trailer with my tricycle around the neighborhood or sitting in the back yard watching dogs, birds and butterflies while reminiscing about family, friends, previous co-workers and pets that have came and gone through the years; especially Capone & Jake.  Only now I'm being paid for it!!!  (I am happy to add that since joining Rover, I have made a substantial amount to supplement our income while enjoying myself at home.)

Things that I DO NOT miss with Rover:

  • feelings of uselessness, loneliness, frustration & boredom

  • to be on anyone else's time

  • to have to wake up so early everyday anymore.

  • to commute and sit... frustrated ... in traffic

  • working endless hours for promises with little or no pay

  • to go and work in a place of business.

Things that I DO LIKE about watching dogs with Rover:

  • the company of dogs & their owners

  • It's my business -  I choose dog size, weight, breed, number of dogs that I choose to watch at one time, clients, set my own rates / schedule, etc...

  • great way to make friends

  • anonymity

  • No investment, storefront,  inventory, employees, extensive record-keeping, or having to sell products to anybody.

  • clients find me

  • No boss, competition or pressure 

  • I work from home or anywhere else I choose. 

  • No prospecting, soliciting  or selling

  • I have free time to spend with family and friends.

  • I have an income to supplement my retirement. 

  • I work when I want & take time off whenever I want

  • NO special training, education, or skills required.  The only skills required are love for dogs, spare time, a cell phone & common sense.

  • Easiest money I've ever made

  • I actually make  REAL money doing  something Fun & Easy

  • Rover  insurance & guarantee

I TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY!  I GIVE YOU MY WORD!!! (I am proud to add that I have watched numerous dogs referred to me by Rover without a negative experience or complaint.)

YOUR TRUST MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!!  I know that you must love dog(s) as much as I  do or you wouldn't have read this far. 

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME with questions or concerns.

Thank you for your interest,


Portable Tricycle       -       Pet Trailer

I love being a dog sitter with Rover & think maybe you could too!

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Rover is receiving a lot of National attention.  To secure a spot, you should act now!

 Rover has recently received a lot of national media attention.  Spots for this program fill up rather  quickly.      To secure a spot you should act now!