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Easter Sunday, 1994 I (Rick) experienced a VERY severe brain injury that left my entire right side permanently impaired. On a scale of 1-10 I was told that, I was an eleven, nearly died, was lucky to be alive, would never be the same and was told during my recovery in ICU that my best friend Capone probably saved my life! (Quiet Angels)

Upon losing the use of my right hand, (was right handed) my ability to walk and to fluently communicate, I became reclusive. My so called friends avoided me like the plague. (It seemed that no-one I knew wanted to be associated with me since my injury) It wasn't pretty!  I missed being around others and took it very hard!  One day while visiting my doctor after months of rigorous therapy, I asked my doctor if I would ever get better.

He said, "I could lie to you and tell you what you want to hear, but odds are no you won't improve.  Most improvement  happens during the first year and it's been over two."  He may as well used a ball bat!!!  I sank into deep denial and depression.  I began taking antidepressants, (prescribed by him) drinking heavily, then sit in a stupor wallowing in pride, self pity and despair for hours trying to build up the nerve to end it all.

If it weren't for my wife, (Evelyn) Capone, Jake and Dr. Vincent, I honestly don't believe that I would be here today! I have came a LONG way since then!  Now, it's just a bad dream that I'd like to forget!!!  (The Rest of the Story)

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