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"Where Dogs "R" Family Too"

Why would you leave your BEST FRIEND somewhere SCARED & LONELY, when they can STAY WITH US in OUR HOME where "DOGS R FAMILY TOO"? We are COMPASSIONATE DOG LOVERS that will pamper your pooch by giving him / her the LOVE, AFFECTION, TIME & SPACE needed to make their stay SAFE, SECURE and a whole lot more ENJOYABLE, STRESS FREE & RELAXING than being locked in a kennel. We TRULY LOVE the COMPANY of furry friends! They LOVE IT HERE, and WE LOVE HAVING THEM!!!

Our furry family members have moved on. We CHERISH & MISS them ALL VERY MUCH!! We can't replace them. Instead, we prefer to spend time with yours' in our home. You enjoy time without the worries, while we enjoy company without the attachment.

My wife Evelyn and I (Rick) are empty nesters that have been married 40+ years and have lived here at the same residence 35+ years. We have two grown daughters and five grandsons. Until Jake our beagle passed we away can't remember a time when we didn't have at least one four legged family member. WE WILL TREAT YOUR DOG EXACTLY LIKE WE DID OUR OWN. (following your guidelines of course)

We go that extra mile to make him/her feel at home. We DON'T do Dog walking, House sitting or Drop-in Visits with other dogs while we're watching yours. Instead, we stay here at home to FOCUS our attention on YOUR buddy! (Someone is with him/her almost every minute your away) We spend the vast majority of time with them in the house or back yard. On extended stays, we may take them for an occasional ride around the neighborhood in our pet trailer that we pull with our adult tricycles, or on a field trip to the park and/or Dairy Queen to spice-up the routine. (with your permission)

Our primary goals are to make Fido/Fifi SAFE, SECURE and COMFORTABLE in your absence. He/she loves YOU and misses YOU!!! When they cry in the night and / or look at us with those eyes, we want to help ease their loneliness and fear! You'll be amazed at the lengths we'll go to!

The dog(s) enter a door from our fenced-in back yard where he/she is allowed to roam and discover pretty much as they please. Some lay/cuddle with us while others seem to prefer their own space. We are there to watch over them, feed them, water them, let them out to roam / go potty, comfort them and even sleep with them to bond and help reduce anxiety, home sickness and fear. Our home is VERY DOG FRIENDLY. We have gates throughout to section off our home should we feel the need. 

WE KNOW FIRST HAND how difficult and emotional it can be to leave precious furry family members in a lonely kennel or with a complete stranger! That's why we began doing this. (WE WISH ROVER WOULD HAVE EXISTED WHEN WE HAD OUR DOGS SO WE COULD HAVE FOUND SOMEONE LIKE US!!)

WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY and feel that we are good at it. WE GIVE YOU OUR WORD!!! (We are PROUD to add that we have watched numerous dogs referred to us by Rover without a negative experience or complaint.)

YOUR TRUST MEANS THE WORLD TO US!!! We know that you love your dog(s) as much as we did ours or you wouldn't have read this far. 

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US with questions or concerns, to schedule a "Meet & Greet" or book a stay.

Thank you for your interest,

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